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The Holy Quran and Islam. We have developed an extensive curriculum for learning Quran and basic Islamic education.
Online Cources
Quran Reading & Tajweed
It is obligatory upon every
Muslim to read the Quran
with rules of Tajweed.
Translation (in two weeeks)
Benifical for children and
adults trying to learn the
translation for the first time.
Quran Memorization (HIFZ)
Valueaddition for children
and adults trying to learn
the Quran for Worthiest life.

Being a doctor and having a busy life I could not search for a Quran Teacher in a non-Muslim country. There is one mosque near to me which is 250 kms away from my residency therefore I searched for Quran lesson online

and found WWW.QuranAcademyOnline.com. I’m making a great progress and very fluent in reciting than ever before. My two children are also learning Qur’an from QuranAcademyOnline.com. I will suggest all Muslim brothers and sisters to try as they provide free trials as well!!!

Dr. Kashif khan, UK

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  Our Mission  
Our mission is to literate the World with the
knowledge of Quran, to Provide live Quranic
Classes for those Muslims who are away from
Home lands and from Islamic centers. May
Allah help us in the fulfillment of our mission.
Your feedback & response will encourage us
to move ahead in the right direction. your
suggestions will always be welcomed in this
Benetfits of Learning Online
>> Three free trial lessons
>> Learn at your own pace
>> Day and time of your choice
Affordable: Trial period 3 days free of cast  
  >> You get individual lessons at low cast  
  >> A small monthly fee  
    Convenient: We teach 14 hours a day  
  >> Tutors are in high-tech facility
Learning at home
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We are the first and undoubtedly the best
online Qura tutoring provider working. There is
no other way but to check for you as to
why our services are above all the others
in quality and excellence. We excel from others because:
Our tutors are experienced and educated with a
highly rich Islamic background.
Online Quran an exceptional experience with the  
  use of latest technology and top quality software.  
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